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IndaCoin Review

Many of the newcomers or even experienced traders need to google the easiest way of buying bitcoin or other using direct credit cards without waiting for any identification process or signup with all information Indacoin might be the best options for you. Indacoin is a UK based online exchange founded in 2014 and is functional till now, originally only Bitcoin was available on Indacoin but as of now, more than 200 alternative coins can be bought on Indacoin. Indacoin also provides anonymity Read more […]

Bitbay Review

Bitbay is a Poland based online exchange currently moving to MALTA  which allows a global exchange.  Bitbay is a small exchange as compared to other sharks but is relatively good and easier to use providing extended functionality. This exchange may be small in volume and market cap but is extended in functionality and ease provided to its users as compared to many online exchanges available out there. The Website User Interface is really amazing and easy to use especially for newbies and Read more […]

Jaxx Desktop Wallet Review

Jaxx is one of the amazing desktop and mobile-based wallet used as of today, the project is new around in 2016 and was developed by a team of Young Entrepreneurs. Jaxx is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux with Mobile versions available for Android and iOS. Currently, Jaxx has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times on play store, app store and chrome web store. Jaxx is not open source many people think that Jaxx is open source but it is not, However, the code is open source and developers Read more […]

Luno Review

Luno formerly knew as BitXis an online exchange and a wallet service company based in London since 2013 has been working around the globe. This exchange is relatively smaller and is usually known for its mobile-based trading and wallet application. Luno currently supports only Bitcoin and Ethereum, the website claims to be the worlds most trusted and easiest online exchange and indeed is easy to use and the exchange and wallet features are both extended but there are not many coins to select from Read more […]

Top 5 Ethereum Wallets

Ethereum evolved initially in 2015 and has gained popularity since these two years, becoming the smartest cryptocurrency and 2nd most valuable coin in the world with a market cap value of almost 5 Billion dollars. Ethereum has been everywhere now and can be bought almost on every known exchange with a huge user base the demand is also increasing, but storing cryptocurrency is always considered a challenge by one as there are a number of things to consider before choosing a wallet including Authenticity, Read more […]

Exodus Review

Exodus is a Desktop based wallet which is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is one of the best Desktop wallets I have experienced. Exodus was launched in 2016 and is not only a Bitcoin but a blockchain assets wallet which allows users to store, receive and send cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, DOGE etc. User Interface The strongest feature of Exodus is probably it’s User Interface which always is easy to use and for newbies or experienced users as Read more […]

Ledger Nano S

Hardware wallets are the most advanced and robust form of cryptocurrency security. These hardware wallets work with any computer and provide authentic transactions even if a device is malware influenced. Ledger Nano S is the best hardware wallet available today in the market, this wallet is produced by a company in France that also owns coins house, In this article, we will tell you about Ledger Nano S and all the things necessary to setup Ledger Nano S. The Design When it comes to Design Ledger Read more […]

The Best Bitcoin Mining Software

There are a few things to consider when you want to start in the mining industry the first and the foremost thing is the Hardware than a suitable software and expenses. Getting a suitable software for your device is really a challenge as it questions the earnings and many questions would arise in your mind which software would be suitable and give more money but there are other things to consider as well including overclocking, compatibility, monitoring, and speed etc. CGMINER This miner is Read more […]

KeepKey Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are the best means of securing coins even if your computer has any type of malware, it does not simply care. Hardware wallet store coins offline without any connection with the internet or external cables connected to any devices. Keep key is an example of another amazing piece of Hardware wallet capable of storing Bitcoin, Dash, LiteCoin, Doge, NameCoin, Testnet but at the moment the User Interface is only available for Bitcoin. The Design The very first and amazing feature Read more […]

Electrum Review

Electrum is a client-side open source desktop wallet and probably the oldest wallet available, Electrum was launched in 2011, Electrum is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Apk is also available. The biggest advantage of Electrum is that it is fast and reliable as being a client-side wallet there is no need to download blockchain the software is always up to date and works with Bitcoin and Ethereum mostly. This wallet is an HD wallet and gives a backup phrase and allows users to back Read more […]

GreenAddress Review is one of those wallets available in the market that allows features more than a wallet including browser wallet, mobile wallet, and hardware wallet etc. When you signup on you actually get a seed phrase that can be used on mobile, desktop and hardware wallets, the chrome extension actually allows the user to get a signup process that can be later on accepted on the mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS or desktop wallet. It covers all major platforms. One Read more […]

LionsGate Have Integrated Bitcoin

One of the worlds most successful Film and TV producers “Lionsgate” Entertainment recently announced and have recently implemented GoCoin and have started accepting Bitcoins for purchases on their online store. Lionsgate is an American-Canadian production house and has a pretty good name producing some amazing films and TV series including the Hunger Games Series, Now You See Me series, John Wick, Twilight Saga 1, Kick-Ass, Sicario American Phsyco, Crank, Transporter and countless Hit movies and Read more […]

Polish Airlines Accepting Bitcoin

One of the most popular airlines in Europe, LOT which is a polish based airlines is now accepting Bitcoin for booking flights online for more than 60 destinations worldwide. The airline stated in their latest press release that they want passengers to not only enjoy the comfort provided in flight but also the process of buying tickets online. LOT has partnered with BitPay (A Bitcoin Payment Processor) which converts the tickets fiat rate in USD, EURO, PLN etc into Bitcoin rate and the user Read more […]

GetGem Review

Cryptocurrency is the world of knowledge and really hardcore science is involved beyond it, understanding cryptocurrency is a challenge especially for newbies, this is where GetGem Enters. GetGem is a messenger and a wallet for cryptocurrencies, GetGem is a  platform available for both Android and iOS and there is a web client available as well, it allows users to send and receive Bitcoins that is especially for those who have zero knowledge in the platform. GetGems makes handling payments Read more […]

Where to Spend Bitcoins

Worrying if you don’t want to go to online exchanges to sell your Bitcoins and do all the lengthy process to get cash in your account, in this article I will tell you about some of the most popular websites where you can spend Bitcoins for entertainment, retail, electronics, services and food as well. Stores The Best place to spend bitcoins is shopping online there are a few vendors accepting Bitcoins but the names are quite big and have a lot to offer for customers. Some Big examples are OverStock Read more […]

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