Bitcoin going to hit 25,000$ as 2019 is near

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

So, get started Bitcoin holders and don’t withdraw your BTC balance. You are going to see unexpected results about Bitcoin before the beginning of 2019.

wake up call for Bitcoin users or people who are interested in Bitcoin investment.

Bitcoin have already crossed 8,000$ and it is going up and up down from 6,750$.

Bitcoin going to hit 25,000$ as 2019 is near

So, as the title says Bitcoin to 25,000$ skyrocket as soon as the 2019 comes. With that being said, Bitcoin is, was and will be the king of cryptocurrencies.

So, don’t forget that Bitcoin is going to complete it’s supply by 2021 and there will be limited amount of Bitcoin by 2021 and people will no longer mine it. That’s where the economic rule applies, higher the demand less the supply will increases the value of the asset. 🙂

Should you hold Bitcoin till 2019?

For me, as I have less amount of Bitcoins, I’ll hold till 2019 and get out when I see I am making at least triple of what my investment is.

If you have higher amount invested in Bitcoin then it is a bit risky business but tasty too if the price of Bitcoin hits 25,000$, so… It is up to you to make the call, which side do you want to be 🙂 You know what I mean.

Disclaimer: Please buy and sell your Bitcoins at your own risk. We do our best to suggest and do what we do. Following our indicators is up to you.

Source: investopedia

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