Exchange is Scam

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2019)
WARNING! exchange is scam, to be sure of it trying going to this website: that’s why I wrote this article. exchange was previously exchange who robbed more than millions of dollars from its users. Be ware before you go investing in this scam site. Thank you.  
Hey folks, I invest in alt coins online to make money on monthly basis by doing mostly technical analysis on alt coins. Similarly, I don’t usually test exchanges and review about them but BiteBTC came to my attention because this exchange had massive volume on CoinMarketCap. Basically, what this exchange did to its users is that, it freezes all the user accounts for verification purpose and even if you provide verification documents, don’t think for a second that you will get your account access back! That’s what happened with my account also. I first deposited around 5000 DGB (Digibyte) to test the exchange loyalty that’s what I do whenever I try new exchange on the web. Deposite was successful, then I sold them on BiteBTC exchange. I got BTC in my account around 0.00834 BTC which I then withdrew on my Poloniex BTC wallet and in this way I earned some DGB coins. Everything went well and I got my withdrawal in the next morning. That’s where the SCAM STORY of BITEBTC BEGAN! I tried the same processor with a bit high amount of DGB coins 10,000 DGB. Deposit was successful, I traded and sold all my DGB and got BTC in exchange. Afterwards, I submitted request for withdrawal hoping that my withdrawal will be processed till the next morning just like previous one… NOTE: My BiteBTC account is fully verified, with message saying no limits. Still, the next morning I get this email. But unfortunately the withdrawal was never made, and I got this email from BITEBTC: Even though, my account is verified and nothing’s wrong with it. They withdraw small amount of BTC to my first withdrawal request to gain my trust and when I get bigger amount they take all in! That’s new way of SCAMMING PEOPLE BITEBTC! Then I went on Twitter to see if their are people talking about BiteBTC SCAM exchange, I found million of stories about their scamming tack tics! Scam Exchange

Please stop making stupid mistake like me, don’t even try this exchange because I have been robbed by BiteBTC and that’s why I’m reviewing about it here to help others from being scammed. People are worried about their funds and shocked how can Singapore based exchange rob and don’t go to jail either. Above are just examples, you can see all people from around the world, complaining from months now. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK! BiteBTC should be jailed.  

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