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Meta Token Meta Token are a transparent metaverse NFT token with 12% reflections in BUSD. Crypto was Meta before Mark Zuckerberg aka ZuckABird rebranded FB to become Meta Heck Meta World Peace was Meta before FB. $META Token is not related in any way to Facebook, but aims to be what FB is not, which …

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Flashloans are a new uncollateralised loan product in DeFi. Flashloans empower traders and DeFi users by enabling instant borrowing with no collateral required provided that the liquidity is returned to the pool within one transaction block. If the flash loan trade will not return the full liquidity to the pool, the whole transaction is reversed … Read More »

Gorilla Inu

Gorilla Inu

Gorilla Inu Saves Actual Gorillas GORILLA Inu is a decentralized ERC20 Crypto Currency token. GORILLA INU will allocate 1% of the total token supply to donate to Gorilla protection organizations around the world. Within one week from stealth launch and no real marketing efforts, the community grew organically from 0 to 1000+ followers on Telegram, Twitter and …

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DaddyBezos DaddyBezos our friend and daddy, Jeffy, the man who needs no introduction. Legend, icon, CEO, entrepreneur and born in 1964. He’s the man who tells us why, and shows us how. He’s trending everywhere! He loves trending! Did you know that being half lizard, apart from drinking blood and fucking other people’s wives, when …

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MAGA Coin Connections with Celebrities and Politicians MAGA Coin Host Physical and Digital Events MAGA Coin Official NFT Reflective Card MAGA Coin The Race to a Dollar Reach a $1 $MAGA and contract lock MAGA stable coin.

Muslim Coins

Muslim Coins

Muslim Coins are a cryptocurrency with an aim, a simple ambition : to be a solid, trustworthy base for economic exchanges everywhere, especially throughout the Muslim world. The Ummah unites in faith 1.8 billion believers, which is as many lives and possibilities. No currency can touch that many people at the same time, except for …

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Mensa Protocol is a decentralized lending platform based on Fantom chain, which aims to provide platform users with a decentralized and secure market.

Future Real Estate Token

Future Real Estate Token

Future Real Estate meets Blockchain What is FRET? The  Future Real Estate Token (FRET) is going to be a currency for tokenized properties, to buy and sell these illiquid assets anytime 24/7 for the first in the European Union. Already now, real estate companies whose name is going revealed time by time will use FRET as part …

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Santa Coin

SANTA Coin, Crypto currency on the Binance Smart Chain! We are not telling us to believe, we just want to make a good project for Christmas. Which will help you make good gifts to your loved ones on this wonderful day!

Secured Ship

Welcome to SECURED SHIP Secured Ship as our name says it all, we care about the Security of our community and holders. We want to give them a Secured trip. Liquidity will be locked! We want to offer our holders different ways of earning. Our game is on Google Play Store where you can play …

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Ibiza Token

About Ibiza Token The Ibiza Token ERC-20 governance token running on Ethereum and Polygon Network created for the island of Ibiza. $IBZ is a utility token recognized by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) that allows access to discounts&promotions across our NFT marketplace and local partners network. Furthermore, $IBZ holders have the opportunity to …

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Crypto Gaming United

Play to Earn. The Metaverse is calling Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a platform that brings people from developing countries together to build a new virtual economy and earn a sustainable income, while learning new digital skills and engaging with 
the global blockchain gaming community. Since first exploding into the Philippines and Russia, CGU has …

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Mini Saitama

The insurance of the meme token space. If you’ve ever been rugpulled, join us and let’s recover our losses together! Mini Saitama our unique tokenomics are not to be overlooked. $miniSaitama will become available for trading on Uniswap, one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world, with more listings to follow in the future …

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Gains Network

Gains Network discover the only decentralized & reliable way to trade with leverage — up to 150x


POLYX is the biggest Polygon (MATIC) rewards Token on Binance Smart Chain! Not just that, PolyX will also serve as the governance Token on PolyXSwap, a decentralized exchange Platform with Farms, Pools & Lottery included. 7% Polygon (matic) distributed to holders. 4% for marketing polyx everywhere and to everyone. 4% will be added to the …

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