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Welcome to the comment policy page, thanks for taking care of after all there are fewer people who do this. However, if you want to beware what comment policy of Made for Bitcoin say just read the rest of this page.

Let me just cut all the sh*ts to the tail.

Comment Policies

  • Promise that you will not argue with anyone in comments discussions abuses will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t add spam comments that contains illegal words and website URLs.
  • Irrelevant comment will be treated as SPAM, or it may be moved to another post to which it is relevant, if possible. If no suitable post can be found, it may be deleted.
  • Anonymous comments are allowed, but please make sure your username and email are not offensive.
  • Begging in comment section is not allow like adding your Bitcoin address to ask for donation, etc.
  • Duplicate comments will be automatically.
  • Comments that contains feedback is acceptable but will not be published on the live website.

Above is the list of comment policy and please take time to add comment that complies with our commenting policies. Thank you.


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