Call these terms either a Disclaimer or Terms of Use.

Please read this disclaimer very carefully. It is important for users to understand them and object in case of any doubt in mind.

The Site “Made for Bitcoin” is in no way affiliated with official Bitcoin website. It is unofficial. We clarify that we will not be hold responsible for any kind of damage be it monetary or personal. Users are responsible for decisions they make. The opinions of authors are their own personal, not financial advice to be implemented.

We do our best to ensure users get 100% accurate information. But damage as a result of reliance on inaccurate or even accurate content cannot be accepted as our responsibility. We do not enforce anybody to buy, sell, mine, trade or exchange Bitcoins. All we do is provide information that helps Bitcoin zealots and the interested understand the nature of crypto-currency.

We strongly encourage researching as much as possible or speak to a professional veteran investor before making financial decisions to avoid the harm.

Do not use this Site if you do not agree by the Disclaimer. Understand it is for the betterment of the community.


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