Monero Mining Hardware/Software Expenses & Earning 2018

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

Monero the name does sound familiar, Monero is an open-source Cryptocurrency that runs on around almost all of the OS we know. It is widely used nowadays by mostly tech-related persons and home users.

According to monero they have a strong ambition to make mining easy and more equivalent to all unlike bitcoin where you have to buy damn expensive miners or buy expensive GPU’s not for Gaming but for mining aahhh boring you can use both CPU’s and GPU’s equally.

Hash function in Monero is known as Cryptonight

Yes easy, secure and most of all cheap you don’t need any kind of special hardware like Expensive GPU’s unlike bitcoin gold mining and stuff you can use some what custom CPU’s with some software and some how if you have very much money you can use expensive GPU’s to mine Monero at your home hmm that sounds really interesting.
In this article we will tell you all how’s, whats,and wheres about Monero yeah you got that one right for free. For those who are new in mining world and have almost no experience then they must have a little bit knowledge of Cryptonight.

Two types of Cryptonight

Well as we all know about bitmain the company based in Beijieng China Mainly known for producing ASIC chips for mining cryptonight more efficiently well the I guess the cryptonight hunters weren’t that much happy so they decided to bring revolution and edit the algorithm to bring cryptonight S7 which does mining on both GPU and CPU.

Unlike other crypto currencies which are either GPU or CPU user friendly it does on both.

How to setup Cryptonight Mining Rig

Setting up mining isn’t a easy thing specially when you are confused about CPU and GPU stuff now what to do well there are pretty much basic differentiations between their capability of earning and expenses but in cryptonight earning is almost the same except for the expenses part hardware , power expenses but basically for mining monero here is the basic hardware you need.

  • CPU with 4 GB- 8 GB of RAM for good performance
  • Doesn’t matter if you have DDR3/DDR4 make sure your CPU is okay with it
  • After picking a CPU you also need a valid motherboard with enough PCIE Lanes that can add GPU’s enough you want to accommodate.
  • Internet connection should be above average
  • Make sure you give your rig an open space to perform to prevent heating up your rig
  • You will need a power riser cable for each one of your cards
  • Any HDD or SSD that can be powerful enough to contain an operating system of your choice i.e., Windows or MAC
  • Power supply relies of your system of choice

Now comes the software line it is really important miners that you have a list of drivers and software capable for good result in mining with less expenses and all.

Temperature-monitoring and overclocking software

This software will help you monitor and overclock your hardware, and achieve a better performance through lower temperatures and efficient  power usage.The overclocking software is different for each type of hardware. For example,Intel CPUs have Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. GPUs have MSI afterburner, along with monitoring software, such as CPU-Z and GPU-Z. They monitor your power usage and temperature.

Mining software

There are a many  different Cryptonight mining programs. Some of them are exclusive to Nvidia GPU’s while Others are for AMD, and some others are just for CPUs. some classical and standard are  XMR Stak, Claymore, and XMRig.

So I am gonna give you guys a list of different GPU’s and CPU’s First lets start with the CPU’s.

AMD Threadripper 1950X

  • Hashrate: 1,000 H/s – 1,500 H/s
  • Price: $880
  • Price Efficiency: $0.59/H – $0.88/H
  • Power Efficiency: 0.12 Wh
  • Power Usage:  120 W – 180 W

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  • Threadripper is powerful CPUs
  • Easily overclockable and modified
  • It has a lot of cores
  • While mining, it gives you a smooth PC experience


  • This processor requires special motherboards
  • Threadripper to run would be a costly process
  • Most of these motherboards require DDR4 RAMS

AMD Ryzen 1800X

  • Hashrate: 500 H/s – 700 H/s
  • Price Efficiency: $0.47/H – $0.66/H
  • Power Efficiency: 0.135 Wh – 0.19 Wh
  • Power Usage: 95 W
  • Price: $330


  • Ryzen is Threadripper’s sibling
  • It’s a powerful processor for a handy budget
  • Ryzen processors also have a plus point when it comes to buying expensive motherboards they are precisely cheaper.
  • Ryzen motherboards are on a range between a minimum of $60 to a maximum of $350


  • Ryzen processors have less power efficiency and performance than Threadripper processors
  • Threadripper processors can pack up to three times the performance of Ryzen processors
  • Both Ryzen and Threadripper processors often get price cuts from AMD, so reselling your hardware you might need to think a little bit

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Intel Core I7 8700K

  • Hashrate: 500 H/s
  • Price Efficiency: $0.66/H
  • Power Efficiency: 0.19 Wh
  • Power Usage:  95 W
  • Price: $330


  • Who hate AMD processors, the I7’s processors can do the job
  • The 8th-generation I7 processes about the same amount as the lower range of the Ryzen 1800X,
  • It has the same price and wattage


  • While there’s a lot of room for an upgraded performance by overclocking on the Ryzen 1800X
  • The I7 is out at 500 H/s
  • It might be a little less efficient than its AMD parts

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