Dish Network Announced “Start Accepting Bitcoins in Third-quarter of the Year”

As we know that there are 14+ million subscribers of Dish Network’s and now they have started accepting Bitcoin. But are they all Dish network subscribers are users of Bitcoin? Of course not. But this is the great news for ones who know what is Bitcoin and Dish Network. However, the lake of users will not gonna stop the company from accepting payments in BTC (virtual currency). Further, Dish announced on Thursday that the customers can make manual payments in Bitcoin beginning in the Read more […]

Oxford Dictionaries Online Added The Word “Cryptocurrency”

One of the online dictionaries – Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO), free online dictionary of current English – has officially added a new word “cryptocurrency” to its bibliography list. The definition of cryptocurrency was added as part of a quarterly update along with other words such as ‘bikeable’, ‘snacky’ and ‘time suck’. This news follows the announcement from August 2013 when ‘bitcoin was added to respected sources – Oxford Dictionaries Online. The reason behind Read more […]

Bitcoin blockchain allegedly infected by Ancient ‘Stoned’ virus

A curious and probably accidental artefact has popped up in the Bitcoin blockchain, with a user reporting that it’s identified as containing a virus by Microsoft’s Security Essentials. The reason El Reg is inclined to think it’s accidental: in this discussion on a Microsoft discussion board, user edc678 says MSE is identifying the signature of the STONED virus in the blockchain. Since STONED is a 27-year-old relic from the DOS days – all it did was pop up a boot message telling users Read more […]

Peter Schiff Selling Out Gold for Bitcoin

Peter Schiff is the most popular investor who specially invest his money on Gold commodity and hates to hold Bitcoins. But recently, Peter Schiff is going to sell out Gold just because of Bitcoins. How? Schiff’s Euro Pacific Precious Metals just announced to plan pairing with Bitcoin payment processor BitPay in order to allow investors to buy gold and silver through Euro Pacific by using the digital currency. BitPay announced on Wednesday that they are going to partnership between Euro Read more […]

Bitcoin to be bigger than Facebook, say Winklevosses

For those who are clueless of Winklevoss twins, Tyler and Cameron, here’s an introduction; They had claimed that not-then-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg had stolen their idea of a social network, they called HarvardConnection (it’s ConnectU now). ConnectU was co-founded by Tyler, Cameron and their Harvard University classmate Divya Narendra. End of their story with the involving their social network ConnectU’s idea was that they sued $140 the founder of popular social networking site Facebook, Read more […]

CNET Founder Announces to Launch New Bitcoin Platform Bitreserve

Halsey Minor CNET founder announces to launch Bitreserve which is a new low-cost payments platform for both Bitcoin and fiat currency. The main motive of Bitreserve is to focus on issues related to Bitcoin’s volatility, transactional traceability, real-time transparency, and proof of solvency. According to Minor, executive chairman of the company made the following statement in regards to the new platform: Bitcoin is a remarkable innovation, created and supported by lots of very smart Read more […]

US State Regulators Working on First Bitcoin Rule-book

There are many worth security issues with Bitcoin digital currency and people are losing their digital currency (learn to secure Bitcoin Wallets) day by day and in order to provide them a powerful security the US state regulators are working hard for the first Bitcoin Rule-book and I hope this will not only provide a high-level security to Bitcoin users but also give them 100% satisfaction that their money are secure. At Chicago head of US state regulators said: Hoping to protect users of Read more […]

PayPal says Company is thinking about including the virtual currency (Bitcoin)

As PayPal and Bitcoin are both known as the competitors and both charge low transaction fees but Bitcoin wins because sending Bitcoin person-to-person is easier without any clearance, charge low transaction fees as compared to PayPal. But recently, on Wednesday PayPal president David Marcus seems to be interested in virtual currency and says: PayPal is “thinking about” potentially including virtual currency (Bitcoin )one day. However, you still can buy Bitcoins with PayPal. So, Read more […]

First Bitcoin ATM Have Been Installed in South Brisbane, Queensland

First Bitcoin ATM have been installed in South Brisbane, Queensland. First Bitcoin ATM is running like a charm and allowing Bitcoin users to customers easily withdraw and sell the digital currency. Click me to see full image (Credits goes to @Tainted_Man) People are rushing toward and shopping using their Bitcoin digital currently the Roastery Cafe co-owner Bruce Carrall said: There’s a lot of people who have been waiting for this. There’s Bitcoiniacs who have meetings everywhere every Read more […]

Bity Apple App to Send Bitcoin from Apple Devices Easily

All new Apple application that allows Apple iPhone, iPad retina devices users to send Bitcoin right from their devices to anywhere else in the world using just Bitcoin address. Apple removed application from its store and launched its brand new application that allows Bitcoin users to transact their Bitcoins right from their Apple devices easily. Bity Apple Application Easily Send Bitcoin from Apple Devices Bity is all new Bitcoin Apple app especially designed Read more […]

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