PayPal says Company is thinking about including the virtual currency (Bitcoin)

As PayPal and Bitcoin are both known as the competitors and both charge low transaction fees but Bitcoin wins because sending Bitcoin person-to-person is easier without any clearance, charge low transaction fees as compared to PayPal. But recently, on Wednesday PayPal president David Marcus seems to be interested in virtual currency and says: PayPal is “thinking about” potentially including virtual currency (Bitcoin )one day. However, you still can buy Bitcoins with PayPal. So, Read more [...]

First Bitcoin ATM Have Been Installed in South Brisbane, Queensland

First Bitcoin ATM have been installed in South Brisbane, Queensland. First Bitcoin ATM is running like a charm and allowing Bitcoin users to customers easily withdraw and sell the digital currency. Click me to see full image (Credits goes to @Tainted_Man) People are rushing toward and shopping using their Bitcoin digital currently the Roastery Cafe co-owner Bruce Carrall said: There’s a lot of people who have been waiting for this. There’s Bitcoiniacs who have meetings everywhere every Read more [...]

Bity Apple App to Send Bitcoin from Apple Devices Easily

All new Apple application that allows Apple iPhone, iPad retina devices users to send Bitcoin right from their devices to anywhere else in the world using just Bitcoin address. Apple removed application from its store and launched its brand new application that allows Bitcoin users to transact their Bitcoins right from their Apple devices easily. Bity Apple Application Easily Send Bitcoin from Apple Devices Bity is all new Bitcoin Apple app especially designed Read more [...]