Peter Schiff Selling Out Gold for Bitcoin

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2014)
Peter Schiff Selling Out Gold for Bitcoin, Source" ytimg
Peter Schiff Selling Out Gold for Bitcoin, Source” ytimg

Peter Schiff is the most popular investor who specially invest his money on Gold commodity and hates to hold Bitcoins. But recently, Peter Schiff is going to sell out Gold just because of Bitcoins. How?

Schiff’s Euro Pacific Precious Metals just announced to plan pairing with Bitcoin payment processor BitPay in order to allow investors to buy gold and silver through Euro Pacific by using the digital currency.

BitPay announced on Wednesday that they are going to partnership between Euro Pacific with which customers will have the benefits to buy Gold like precious metals in exchange of Bitcoin e-Currency.

Further more, Schiff said that the partnership does not meant that Euro Pacific is taking any direct position in Bitcoin. BitPay converts the bitcoins from customers into the U.S. dollars in which Euro Pacific will be paid.

Source: CNBC

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