How to Secure Bitcoin Wallet from Hackers

Securing Bitcoin wallet is not that hard as we do care of our wallet in real life just like that Bitcoin offers a number of great advantages to secure your Bitcoin wallet with high level of security, if used correctly. One of the most interesting part of Bitcoin wallet security is that two-factor authentication in order to be in control of your wallet. However, choosing the right wallet for your Bitcoin is really important part of the security also. It is all up to you to adopt good practices Read more [...]

Review: Blockchain vs Coinbase Online Bitcoin Wallets

Many people contacted us about which online Bitcoin wallet service should they use? It's really a good question that our site visitors ever asked for. And in this way we want to give our readers a proper information about both well-known Blockchain vs Coinbase online Bitcoin wallets . So, we decided to add a review for Blockchain vs Coinbase online Bitcoin wallets. This article will cover almost everything about online Bitcoin wallets what to choose and what not to. Also, if you would like Read more [...]

How to Create Online Bitcoin Wallet with Coinbase

If you are new to Bitcoin read about Bitcoin first. However, we have already wrote an article about creating a new Bitcoin wallet using There are three ways from which you can create Bitcoin wallet i.e, Desktop, Online, and Mobile Devices. Though, we are going to learn how to create a free online Bitcoin wallet for your Bitcoin e-currency using Coinbase. Coinbase is an online Bitcoin wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with the new digital currency Read more [...]

Choose Bitcoin Wallet Carefully

You can easily transact your Bitcoin from your wallet with others users. Bitcoin wallet is all that allows you to send and receive Bitcoins easily. But there are a couple of reasons about why should you be careful about choosing Bitcoin wallet. As we have learnt already about how to create a new Bitcoin wallet with third-party access ( There are three ways to use Bitcoin Wallets, listed below: Desktop Wallets Mobile Wallets Web Wallets However, we'll show you Read more [...]

How to Create a New Bitcoin Wallet with BlockChain

Bitcoin wallet is a free wallet for your Bitcoin e-currency where you can store your Bitcoins. With Bitcoin wallet you will be able to shop online and make payments using Bitcoin digital currency for free. Bitcoins is an easy and secure way to pay from anywhere from your phone or desktop. Whereas in this article, we'll show you how to create a new Bitcoin wallet using However, keep in mind that Block Chain is not a bank, you have complete rights and ownership over your Read more [...]

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency (electronic currency) which is neither be printed nor be controlled by any government, in short it is not exist much like other physical currencies i.e, Pound, Euro and Dollar. After watching out the video below, you will be able to understand what is Bitcoin and how it works. But what makes Bitcoin different from other currencies i.e, Dollar, Pound, Euro? Well, Bitcoin is decentralized means no single institution controls it. More about Bitcoin watch out Read more [...]