In this article, I am going to tell you about blockchain well most of you maybe confused about what is a blockchain cause most of the bitcoin users use blockchain wallet for storing your btc but if you are a newbie blockchain is actually a public ledger that has all the record of all the transaction that had been done all time. The Logic behind blockchain  blockchain uses a global network of computers which is us end users to jointly manage the database that holds bitcoin's transactions records Read more [...]


As it comes from the domain .de this exchange website is based in Germany for trading bitcoins exactly like LocalBitcoins so it isn't just any trading exchange. It is a mediator between buyers and sellers just like OLX or e-Bay which directly connects buyers to sellers or vice versa and payments are made through Website and Sign up Exchanges are made in BTC,BCH and ETH and fiat currency is supported in euro using bank transfers.Signing up is fairly easy but advanced verification's are Read more [...]

Review: BitShares

You all may have heard about decentralized currencies where more the users more the coin value and no central authority well BitShares is also about decentralization but in online exchanges. BitShares is an open source online exchange working on block chain totally decentralized exchange launched in 2014 to decrease the risk factor of getting hacked like Bit grail,Mr Gox etc due to which many users got affected and lost large amounts of coin,well this idea is that a decentralized system cannot Read more [...]

About Buying Dodge Coin

Dodge coin was created in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency. Initially it was called joke crypto currency but now has a market cap of more then 600 million dollars as of now and is really now a worthy currency to invest on. Just like Bitcoin this coin has block chain mechanism but the difference is that it has got scrypt algorithm which means that CPU and GPU can be used to mine dodge coin easy for everyone to almost mine it from their Read more [...]

Review: Samourai Bitcoin Wallet

Samourai Bitcoin wallet is one of the online wallet venture sites i.e., Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, etc. Today, we came across this very awesome BTC wallet that a few people can resist. In this article, we are going to tech talk about a new mobile based wallet known as Samourai wallet. It is the beast because of its stealth feature. We have described in details about stealth feature of Samourai wallet later in this article. Stealth feature allows your bitcoins to be hidden and away from thieves. Samourai Read more [...]

Review: Exmo Cryptocurrency Exchange

In this article, we are going to discuss about exmo cryptocurrency exchange based in UK relatively small and founded in 2013. The Trading volume of Exmo cryptocurrency exchange is particularly smaller as compared to other online exchanges but it does offer something to gain attention that is fiat currencies which include USD,Euro,RUB and UAH also while it also supports bitcoins and many alternative coins as usual. Visit EXMO Exchange Doing business on exmo exchange is easy due to its easy Read more [...]

Bitcoin going to hit 25,000$ as 2019 is near

So, get started Bitcoin holders and don't withdraw your BTC balance. You are going to see unexpected results about Bitcoin before the beginning of 2019. wake up call for Bitcoin users or people who are interested in Bitcoin investment. Bitcoin have already crossed 8,000$ and it is going up and up down from 6,750$. Bitcoin going to hit 25,000$ as 2019 is near So, as the title says Bitcoin to 25,000$ skyrocket as soon as the 2019 comes. With that being said, Bitcoin is, was and will be Read more [...]