Poloniex Users are being ROBBED with Fake Android Apps

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

Poloniex users are being robbed because they are not able to distinguish between apps available on Google play. You must be careful when you download any Bitcoin exchange app from Google play because it can put your account in great danger.

Poloniex Users are being ROBBED with Fake Android Apps

Just like that, many Poloniex users got robbed because they thought they are using Poloniex app from Google play but the truth is they downloaded some fake Android apps and used original Poloniex login details inside app.

It is advised not to use your mobile device when you make payments online with Bitcoin because there has been a Cryptoshuffler virus which uses clipboard technique to steal funds from wallets.

According to Russian news media resource RBC, Eset and Kaspersky antivirus researchers have discovered two apps which do not officially exist infecting users on Google Play. The apps are proposing to be from Poloniex but the fact is Poloniex is not having any app yet for its exchange.

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