Review: Trading Bitcoins with AvaTrade Forex Trading Platform

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)
Trade Bitcoins with AvaTrade
Trade Bitcoins with AvaTrade

As eToro social investment program added Bitcoin stocks for its 3 million users already as of January, 2014.  Now, many Forex trading platforms are thinking to allow their platform users to trade Bitcoins with CFDs (Contract of Differences).

AvaTrade Forex trading platform allows its users to trade Bitcoins with CFDs. Now, investors from world-wide can easily invest on Bitcoins using eToro, AvaTrade and other Forex trading platforms (We will cover all Forex trading platform and review them who allows their users to trade Bitcoins).  Using AvaTrade you can now trade the currency of the future(Bitcoin).

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency (electronic/digital currency) that is created (Satoshi Nakamoto) and exchanged online without the involvement of any bank or any Federal government. More about Bitcoin.

AvaTrade platform allows you to trade Bitcoin 24hrs a day and 5 days a week using the highly volatile currency against the US Dollar.

Features of Trading Bitcoins with AvaTrade:

  • AvaTrade offers bonuses and promotions up to $10,000+ (in some cases)
  • AvaTrade offer a free demo account for beginners’ practice
  • It’s good for beginner user with tons of information
  • You can start Forex trading with minimum $100 at AvaTrade
  • One-click trading

Things you Need to Verify AvaTrade Trading Account

According to Forex regulations every broker seek the following things to verify the individual’s account otherwise the user only can deposit but cannot withdraw due to security reasons and keep the community clean from fraudulent acts. You will need to upload the following documents to verify your AvaTrade account:

  • Color copy of a valid government-issued ID (passport, ID card, driver’s license)
  • Utility bill for address verification issued in the past three months

How to Trade Bitcoins with AvaTrade

Follow the steps to start trading Bitcoins with AvaTrade:

  • Signup at AvaTrade
  • Once your account created, try logging into your account (by clicking the button Customer Login)

    Customer Login AvaTrade
    Customer Login AvaTrade (Click to enlarge the image)
  • On login, an email will be sent to your inbox containing your Username/Account Number
  • Now, you need to download and install Ava Trader and run on your computer
  • Using your login details thatAvaTrade sent to you on your email address login to your desktop Ava Trader account

    AvaTrade Desktop Client Login Screenshot 04
    AvaTrade Desktop Client Login Screenshot 01
  • DesktopAvaTrader will retrieve the data to provide users the best experience and accurate information

    Update AvaTrader Desktop Software Screenshot 03
    Update AvaTrader Desktop Software Screenshot 02
  • Once the Update Progress done updating the files, you will see the live trading platform screen below:

    Welcome to AvaTrade Screenshot 03
    Welcome to AvaTrade Screenshot 03

How to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with AvaTrade

Now, here is the game begins about buying and selling Bitcoins using AvaTrade. Let me give you a short introduction about how you will be doing to buy and sell Bitcoins in your AvaTrade Forex account.

AvaTrade Forex trading platform allows its users to trade Bitcoins with CFDs and investing in CFDs carries risks to your capital.

Concept of buying or selling Bitcoins with AvaTrade

Buy Bitcoins – When you buy Bitcoins in AvaTrade means you are  holding Bitcoins in exchange of USD (In short, you are selling USD and buying equivalent amount of Bitcoins). If the value of BTC rise you will earn from the trade, depends on leverage that you take from the Forex broker.

Sell Bitcoins – And when you sell Bitcoins in AvaTrade means you are  holding USD in exchange of BTC (In short, you are selling BTC and buying equivalent amount of USD). However, in this case if the value of BTC fall and USD value increases you will earn from the trade, depends on leverage that you take from the Forex broker.

Risk Warning: Investing in leveraged products carries a high degree of risk.

The Game Begins NOW!

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin click the button Buy from the top left corner like:

Buy Bitcoin with AvaTrade
Buy Bitcoin with AvaTrade (Click to enlarge the image)

For example, if you think that Bitcoin will lose its value you can sell Bitcoins using AvaTrade by clicking the Sell button from top left corner like:

Sell Bitcoins with AvaTrade
Sell Bitcoins with AvaTrade (Click to enlarge the image)


AvaTrade Forex broker is one of the most considered trading platform now a days by investors of Bitcoin and other Forex traders.

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