How to Trade Bitcoins with eToro

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

eToro is world’s largest Forex social investment program which allows you to trade online and make money from your trading experience. In this article, I’ve decided to show you about how to trade Bitcoins with eToro.

Being a Forex trading platform, eToro also offer its users to trade Bitcoins in exchange of USD means you sell ______ number of USD and buy equal number BTC (This is Forex Trading concept).

Before you trade with eToro take a look at what eToro says about RISK:

Risk Warning: Investing in leveraged products carries a high degree of risk. eToro offers protective measures to manage risk effectively, but it is possible to lose more money than invested in each trade. However you can never lose more than your total balance.

So, don’t play with leverage or high risk eToro’s features because these two things carries high risk.

eToro BTC
eToro BTC

Trading Bitcoins with eToro

To begin trading Bitcoins follow the steps below:

  • Signup at eToro (or Login if you already have eToro account)
  • Login to your Openbook eToro account
  • Go to Markets → Bitcoin
  • If you want to invest your money on Bitcoin using eToro, simply click on the Invest in Bitcoin button, like:

    Invest in Bitcoin via eToro
    Invest in Bitcoin via eToro Screenshot 01(Click to enlarge the image)
  • Select the amount you wish to invest (as little as $10), see the screenshot below:

    Invest in BTC with eToro Screenshot 02
    Invest in BTC with eToro Screenshot 02
  • Finally, Confirm your investment and once you confirmed the order will be placed (However, the order will awaits for trade execution).

When Does the Order will be executed?

As per as Forex trading days and timing, the eToro’s team will review your order and mark the order to be executed on Monday to Friday from 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 or 00:00 (GMT) for Bitcoin at eToro.

eToro Team says about over the weekend and holidays :

While Bitcoin is traded over weekends and holidays, at eToro it is not; there will be no trading of Bitcoin over weekends and holidays.

If you have any issues on trading Bitcoins with eToro, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to join our mailing list for more interesting news, tactics, how-to’s about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency.

Remember: Bitcoin investments at eToro are carried out as CFDs (Contract for difference). Investing in CFDs carries risks to your capital. Says eToro

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