Trezor T Latest Hardware Wallet Review

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

In this article, you will learn about Trezor T latest hardware wallet review for Bitcoin. We are going to tech talk about Trezor T an upcoming hardware wallet compatible to store Btc more than a dozen alternative coins and ERC-20 tokens offline and secure you may have read the word Trezor in our previous articles about VeChain and Tron well this Trezor T is an upgraded version of it.

Trezor T: The Hardware

So what happens when you buy Trezor T hardware? Don’t worry, we will give you a look inside the box of a Trezor T:Inside the box, you will find some usual a USB cable with stickers to do stuff and in middle is the beast i.e., Trezor T hardware.

Don’t buy Trezor T if the Seal is Teared up

Trezor T comes with a magnetic dock where you can hang it anywhere on the wall you want. It has a seal as you can see if the seal is not intact simply just don’t take the product if the seal is teared up it means someone may have tampered with your device or it can be a substandard copy product.

How to Install Trezor T

Just like the previous Trezor the installation steps are pretty much simple for the end user.

  • Download and install and Install bridge (a piece of software to help you manage the TREZOR).
  • Make sure you install the latest firmware on your TREZOR.

This new model has wallet name Trezor beta. Well, there should be another step 12 word phrase right? Yes, there is just like online wallets it also has 12 words backup phrase for instance if you forget your credentials.

Above is the given screenshot about the screen that will come when you start setting up your Trezor device. On the left in the screenshot, you can make multiple accounts multiple wallets on one device with multiple currency types of any cryptocurrency coin you name you can trade on it.

Of course, it will give you warning that you should backup your device but for a secure device like this, it isn’t that much necessary and it is a boring process anyway. Whenever you have got the time, you can backup your account for extra layered security.

Trezor T: Touchscreen

Well, this model unlike previous one is touchscreen you may have difficulty setting your hand on it because of its small size. But, believe it or not, it is amazing it will save your time for doing most of the things for which you have to interact with a computer. Just like setting up a pin and more efficiently it shuffles they key numbers from 0 to 9 each time so no one can guess your keystrokes. Pretty creative, right!

Trezor T: Is It Worth the Price?

According to me the original model was pretty amazing there aren’t any new features except for the touchscreen the original Trezor one was almost 110$ but this one has increased its price by almost 50% of the previous price to 170$. Both support multi-currencies and ERC-20 tokens for newest currencies in the Market.

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