What is TRON(TRX) ? Where Can I get it?

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

Tron is a block chain based ERC-20 token launched in 2017 having a goal to make entertainment industry better with content security.

Tron uses peer to peer technology by block chain the TRX tokens by tron are built to revolutionize data sharing and publishing contents without plagiarism risksĀ Means you can publish and own your data without copyright risk and they have ownership of your content.

Tron was founded by Justin Sun which is the current CEO of the company, the platform is decentralized and free to use with no third party fees, Tron TRX is an ERC-20 token, means it based on ethereum block chain.

Choosing a Wallet:

Well we recommend that you should not use online exchanges to store your TRX tokens and there are no official wallet launches yet for tron , but as it is an ERC-20 Token you can use Etherum wallet as it has some interaction with etherum same hardware and web/online wallets can be used.

Online/Web Wallets:


As Metamask is an etherum based browser wallet it can be used for storing your TRX tokens. Metamask is an extension and can be used on standard browsers such as chrome,Firefox,opera etc. As you know no logic required.Private keys are encrypted and stored on browser itself securely.It also prevents users from accessing malicious contents and fake crypto sites that are black listed on etheraddresslookup.


You guys may probably have heard of it official Etherum wallet most known for storing ERC-20 tokens and is best when it comes to security you own all your tokens and keys it is compatible with hardware wallets also and can be used offline to.

Hardware Wallets:

It is considered best to use hardware wallets because they are offline and less malware effective if you have the right budget you can choose following hardware wallets.

Ledger Nano S:

It is the most popular hardware wallet with a capability to store bitcoin nearly every alternative coin and ERC-20 tokens if you want to use it you have to connect it with myetherum wallet and use it.
It is the most safe and sound wallet.


Same like ledger nano s it can store multiple currencies and ERC-20 tokens like VEN and TRX also. As ledger nano s you also have to connect it to myetherumwallet in order to store TRX.

Buying Tron:

As tron is new in market, it cannot be bought simply using fiat currencies and can only be found on big exchanges, in order to buy TRX you should have Bitcoins or Ethereum.


Binance is the number one exchange in terms of 24 hour trading, Binance is reputable and easy to use exchange for new comers it supports most of the crypto currencies present at the moment including every ERC-20 token in this case Tron (TRX) also.

Unfortunately the exchange does not support fiat deposits or withdrawals to stay hassle free so Tron cannot be directly bought, it can be traded for BTC so you must have some BTC before buying TRX.


HitBTC is the world’s most advanced online exchange with more then 250 million daily trade volume as of march 2017 and is the most reputable exchange online with a huge and big time audience.

There are more then 200 crypto currencies to choose from and every ERC-20 token including Tron (TRX) also, but the deposits and withdrawals can only be made using crypto currencies and TRX cannot be directly bought but only exchanged for BTC or Ethereum.


Well there are many methods available if one really wants to buy TRX, bitcoin can be easily bought on Local Bitcoins with number of options like bank transfers and PayPal transfers also, bitcoin bought from there can easily be exchanged for TRX.

If you want to buy TRX using credit cards there are number of vendors including coin mama and coin base as they are most reputable and easy so bitcoin can be easily bought there using credit or debit card and then converted to Tron.


Tron is making a remarkable progress in the market as every ERC-20 token has a special business model and unique ideas are implemented in every new token as we saw the idea behind Ve-Chain (VEN) about product security.

There would be big implementations of Tron nearly in entertainment industry as digital industry isĀ  considered one of the best fortune maker businesses so TRX will get more value and attract big time potential investors from entertainment sectors.

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