ShapeShift Review

Shapeshift is a currency changing platform which allows users to swap between two cryptocurrencies instantly. It was founded in 2013 and became fully functional in 2015. Shapeshift is a unique idea and best known for its privacy and is convenient as compared to other exchanges at is really fast and easy to use and no hefty processes are involved in exchanging coins as compared to online exchanges where risk factors and long processes are involved for trading. Coinomi is the most popular multi-purpose Read more [...]

Coinomi Mobile Wallet Review

Coinomi is a mobile-focused wallet available on iOS and Android which is capable of storing more than 270 coins, it is based on privacy and security and also provides quick exchange between all of the coins instantly, Amazing. Coinomi is one of the most powerful multi currency wallets available as there are no registration processes and this multi-currency, multi-purpose wallet is free. Coinomi is HD Coinomi is an HD wallet and private keys are stored directly on your device which means hacking Read more [...]

How to Buy Ethereum Classic

All of the cryptocurrency trader whether newbies or full-time traders may have heard of or maybe even traded in Ethereum which is now the worlds second most valuable coins after Bitcoin. Ethereum Classic or ETC is one of Ethereums ERC-20 token or experiment which came successful and is now the 5th most popular alternative coin to trade. ETC was born in 2016 and functions on Ethereum Blockchain. Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain - the classic version Read more [...]

How to Buy DASH

Dash is an open source p2p decentralized cryptocurrency, it started in 2017 with the initial value of $11 and now is more than $300 in value and a market capitalization value of more than 1.5 Billion dollars which is truly amazing for an emerging coin. The slogan of the company is "Dash is digital Cash" which is indeed true, it stands apart from bitcoin and other coins as the features of Dash are truly amazing, Dash can be spent anywhere and is complete privacy-focused. The two most amazing Read more [...]

IndaCoin Review

Many of the newcomers or even experienced traders need to google the easiest way of buying bitcoin or other using direct credit cards without waiting for any identification process or signup with all information Indacoin might be the best options for you. Indacoin is a UK based online exchange founded in 2014 and is functional till now, originally only Bitcoin was available on Indacoin but as of now, more than 200 alternative coins can be bought on Indacoin. Indacoin also provides anonymity Read more [...]

Bitbay Review

Bitbay is a Poland based online exchange currently moving to MALTA  which allows a global exchange.  Bitbay is a small exchange as compared to other sharks but is relatively good and easier to use providing extended functionality. This exchange may be small in volume and market cap but is extended in functionality and ease provided to its users as compared to many online exchanges available out there. The Website User Interface is really amazing and easy to use especially for newbies and Read more [...]

Jaxx Desktop Wallet Review

Jaxx is one of the amazing desktop and mobile-based wallet used as of today, the project is new around in 2016 and was developed by a team of Young Entrepreneurs. Jaxx is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux with Mobile versions available for Android and iOS. Currently, Jaxx has been downloaded more than 1.2 million times on play store, app store and chrome web store. Jaxx is not open source many people think that Jaxx is open source but it is not, However, the code is open source and developers Read more [...]