Coinomi Mobile Wallet Review

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)

Coinomi is a mobile-focused wallet available on iOS and Android which is capable of storing more than 270 coins, it is based on privacy and security and also provides quick exchange between all of the coins instantly, Amazing.

Coinomi is one of the most powerful multi currency wallets available as there are no registration processes and this multi-currency, multi-purpose wallet is free.

Coinomi is HD

Coinomi is an HD wallet and private keys are stored directly on your device which means hacking Coinomi won’t give anything to the hackers.

When setting up Coinomi the users get Backup phase just like blockchain etc which in times of theft can act as recovery phase to recover all of the user’s coins and data.

Exchanging using Coinomi

Coinomi is partnered with ShapeShift which allows exchanging coins on a tap, especially for those who don’t want to go online for exchanging their currencies and taking security risks.

With Coinomi more than 270 coins including bitcoin (SEGWIT, USAF, and BIP148) type of alternative coins and Ethereum coins can be exchanged instantly.

User-Friendly Interface

Coinomi is really user-friendly with many many options for newcomers and User Interface is nearly understandable for everyone, adding coins, exchanging coins and other settings are merely tap and tap just like using a regular mobile app and no hardcore CLI knowledge is required.

Downloading Coinomi

As stated Coinomi is available for both Android and iOS with a 4.4-star rating and positive online reviews with people praising the User Interface and amazing features which were never experienced before.

There is tap to switch between cryptocurrency option where a user can switch between BTC to any other currency and view balance.

Sending and Receiving coins is as easy as there are tabs between send, receive and balance etc.

At the time of sign up the user can see Recovery Phase and advised to store it offline when in case of emergency easily can be recovered.


Overall Coinomi is the best mobile wallet available online which has vast an amazing features which can be good for every kind of traders whether new or experienced user everyone can enjoy coinomi and the most amazing feature is that it is almost free except for some fees associated with the blockchains of a cryptocurrency for sending and receiving coins.

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