How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in Saudi Arabia

Can I buy Bitcoin with credit card in Saudi Arabia?

By employing the best-known unit to record transactions, Bitcoin offers a peer-to-peer framework for organizing payouts. They make use of cryptography algorithms to guarantee the system’s efficiency and security.

All users, however, can learn any information about communications between system addresses at any moment. 2019 saw the availability of cryptocurrencies for banks in Saudi Arabia.

One of the most widely used cryptocurrencies there right now is bitcoin. We’ll explain how to buy bitcoin in Saudi Arabia in this post.

How to buy Bitcoin with a credit card in Saudi Arabia?

Buying Bitcoin on Itez in detail

  1. An account on the Itez portal is not required to purchase bitcoin. You can easily determine the cost of Bitcoin using a convenient calculator depending on the quantity you intend to use as payment.
  2. The least expensive buy is 30 US dollars. The initial purchasing limit for the euro is set at €30 as well, incidentally. As assured, we will walk you through each step of buying Bitcoin for money in our instructions.
  3. The final value will be displayed in the “You Receive” section and on the “Purchase” button after the currency has been converted to BTC. Then, in the window that appears, type in your email address by clicking the button.
  4. Hit the “Confirm” option after validating your address with a 6-digit number given to the address you previously provided.
  5. Enter the price of the purchase in the Itez dialogue box. From the “Accept” box, enter the receiver address (your bitcoin wallet).

Point to be noted

Can I buy Bitcoin with credit card in Saudi Arabia?

The cryptocurrency wallet address should not be manually copied. Bitcoin address issues are not disclosed by the blockchain system, and manual entry errors run the risk of wiping out all the buyer’s money.

  • Paste the cryptocurrency card details into the dialogue box after copying it.
  • Verify your information to ensure that the address has been entered accurately.
  • Enter the necessary card information after clicking the “Card details” option, including the card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and CVC code (the three digits on the card’s back).
  • Choose “Pay” from the menu, then type only one banking code in the box that appears. Your cryptocurrency wallet account will be topped immediately as the transaction has six confirmations in the blockchain network.
Can I buy Bitcoin with credit card in Saudi Arabia?

It’s important to note that the payment will linger for confirmation. When using Itez to purchase bitcoin, it will take roughly 15 minutes for six network confirmations before it appears in your e-wallet. This is an exceptionally good performance for the Bitcoin community considering that due to its characteristics and heavy load, the most well-known blockchain network processes transactions a little more slowly than other networks.

  • The operation would first seek blockchain network confirmations.

The Bitcoin networks will be permanently yours after six confirmations; when purchasing from Itez, it will occur often in less than 15 minutes.

As a result of its architectural elements and heavy workload, the most well-known blockchain network, the Bitcoin network, experiences slightly slower transaction speeds than other networks.


buy Bitcoin with a credit card in Saudi Arabia

All Saudi bank cards are accepted for purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) in Saudi Arabia. The country’s first bank to open was Alawwal Bank. Al Rajhi Bank, Alinma Bank, and Arab National Bank (ANB) are a few of the other most well-known institutions on the list.

Banking cards

Consumers in Saudi Arabia have the option to use authentic Mastercard and Skrill debit and credit cards. Also, they can buy virtual cards created by specialized firms.


Decentralization is a crucial component of Bitcoin. With a security code and a secret password, a user may be sure that their digital currency is completely secure. The lack of opportunity for other clients of using your BTC can be used to explain it. Visit to learn more about all wallets.

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